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Thread: Dropped Wii - Black Screen - Please Help

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    Dropped Wii - Black Screen - Please Help

    Hello everyone. My nephew dropped his wii and now all we can get is a black screen. I have the wode installed and it was working correctly before the drop. The wode still appears to work fine in that it appears to load and reads the HD. I tore the wii down and rechecked all connections and as far as I can tell everything is in order. I had to replace the front face plate because it was cracked badly and a few buttons were broken. It powers on ok, accepts and ejects discs as well. I've read it may be a blue-tooth module. Anyone have any ideas what I may have to replace to rectify the situation?

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    See if the wiimote turns the wii on, if it doesn't then it could be the bluetooth module.


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