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Thread: Priiloader autoloading USB Loader GX

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    Priiloader autoloading USB Loader GX

    I wanted to make my wii load straight into USB Loader GX rather than the wii menu.

    I tried it with the standard forwarder and just got a black screen, I then found a special forwarder for USB Loader GX / Priiloader, so used that, along with the apps folder out of the standard forwarder.

    It now all works and boots into USB Loader GX as expected but button 1 no longer works, so I can't download covers etc, is this just down to the version?

    At the moment I have to use the button at the bottom right to get to the wii menu then load the old USB Loader GX from the channels menu, then download the covers then reboot back to my autobooting version

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    There's a guide by wiijohn on this. I think it's called something like making the wii kid friendly. Great guide.

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    Thanks for that but I'd already read that, which helped when I was setting it up but it's not really relevant to the issue, my issue is with USB Loader GX Forwarder not downloading covers but the channel version does

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    I boot directly into WiiLoad (much more practical than using Crap for creating channels) and this is what I did:
    1) Put WiiLoad's boot.dol in the root of the SD card.
    2) Loaded Priiloader.
    3) Went to "Install File".
    4) Went to Settings and change autoboot to "Installed file".

    I kept sd:\apps\wiiflow, as it loads the covers, themes and configurations from there. It works flawlessly.

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    Yeah the procedure for doing the autoboot is the same and that bit works perfectly, it's just the forwarder version doesn't seem to have the ability to download covers. I think I added a bit of confusion with the thread title, I'll perhaps try again in a couple of days with the thread being more about USB Loader not downloading covers!

    Thanks for the replies anyway


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