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Thread: Help me please. Wii 4.3e modchip

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    Help me please. Wii 4.3e modchip

    First my english isnt my main language..
    Can i put a modchip at every White wii 100%?
    And if i will buy a white wii version 4.3e can i modchip it and play games from a dics?
    im very sorry for my horrible english!

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    New wii's have a new chip set in them and can not play back up discs so your chip would be next to useless. Your best bet would be to spend your money on an external hard drive, softmod, and load your games from that.

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    ah darn... :<
    well thanks for replying to my question so fast
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    You can get a hard drive for about the same price as a modchip and it's a lot nicer than messing with loading and burning discs.

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    i can softmod a 4.3e?because my friend told me i cant softmod 4.3 only 4.2-

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    There is a guide now. Search for the 4.3 guide by mauifrog.

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