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Thread: Help with 4.0u wii

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    Help with 4.0u wii

    Hi, I have been looking through the forums and what not and i need some help. I keep on getting an unable to read disc error constantly. So i burn maybe five disks using imgburn and still no fix. So could this be a problem with the wii or the softmod installation. And if it is a softmod error do i have to restore settings or could i just redownload the softmod. Finally, is it just better to use a hdd instead of burned copies?

    Sorry for all the question :'(.


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    If your wii is newer you could have a chipset that prevents you from loading from backup discs. Make sure you're using verbatim dvd-r discs and burning with IMGburn (free download) at a slow speed like 2-4x. Also it could be a bad download.

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    Hmmm, i checked online and it says im 100% to having a GC2-D2C (v1). Would a soft mod work with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danpark01 View Post
    Hmmm, i checked online and it says im 100% to having a GC2-D2C (v1). Would a soft mod work with this?
    Unless your wii has ever been sent in for any kind of service.
    Softmod has nothing to do with the disk drive, only the ability to play backups from disk.
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    Alright thx everyone but one last question. If i used the softmod method but there are problems with how i set it up do i have to reformat or go back to factory settings or can i just redownload the softmod from step 1.


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