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    Unhappy Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When switching on the Wii and after pressing the A button, I get the standard "music", I see the first screen, but after a fraction of a second, I get a white error screen saying ""your wii system memory is full use the data management screen"
    AT this stage I can't do anything, tried pressing all buttons, remove the usb hard drive, remove the SD card, take out the power cord for a few minutes - nothing helps?
    Is my Wii bricked ???? what can I do about it?
    I am using a wassabi chip and I think version 4.3E (?)
    Thanks in advance
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    Well, your wii is not bricked, but you do certainly have a problem. Do you have priiloader installed? Could you try using a different wii remote? Can you power on the wii using the wii remote? How many times does the disc light flash when booting (once or twice)?
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    thanks for the reply Bileo

    1. Dont know if it uses priiloader (think not)
    2. I can't use the other wii remote either
    3.I can switch power off using both remote controlers
    4. When I switch the WIi on, the disk light flashes one time (it doesn't flash at all after I press the A button and get the error message)


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    Your in a tight spot. Remove all usb, sd, gc stuff and boot the wii, it should take you to data managment by itself so you can free up space, but it is not. Keep trying over and over and over until it does. Perhaps unplug the wii for awhile and try try try again. It you have only been using a modchip and have not installed any softmods, specifically some patched ios that would be loaded by games, then you can't do anything else. Since your on 4.3, I am pretty sure you don't have any patched ios. Keep rebooting the wii and pray it take you to data management. Once in data management, start moving some wiiware to your sd-card or delete it if required.

    If that fails, your toast.
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    problem solved , I was stupid - the controlers somehow went out of sync
    now its all OK
    thanks for trying to assist

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