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Thread: error #004?? Help

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    error #004?? Help

    Too bad I didn't read this first:

    So here we go.
    I softmoded one of my wii's and recented tried to softmod the other and ran into a problem. I installed Homebrew 4.2 and tried to play a game using NeoGamma and the screen went black, so I restarted and tried again. Same problem. So I uninstalled, re-installed and tried again. Same error.. So I figured, maybe I need to update the wii first. So I uninstalled everything, updated my wii(Which popped up with a message I've never seen before, I believe it said [This update will disable any unauthorized software blah, blah]). So I update thinking after I do that I just disconnect from the net and install the Homebrew channel. So I put the SD card in with the hack and I started getting this message which read::::

    Error #004
    An error has occurred.
    The system files are corrupted.

    This only happens when I try to run the hack from the sd card. So I was like crap, Ok.. Lets start from scratch. So I FORMATTED my wii and tried again. I got the same freakin' message. Now I'm thinking I'm screwed. So what do I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    It's all around the forums that you must NOT format or update your Wii. You can find it EVERYWHERE around here, and almost every guide I have found on the net says you must NOT update your Wii via Nintendo.

    Anyway, follow this guide and think again before you do something stupid.
    Have a nice day
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    Well I noticed that after I had already done it buddy. and I'm about to try your suggestion though I doubt that it'll work because when I try to load from the sd card it gives me that error..

    Okay, I didn't get the error when I loaded the 4.3 onto the sd card, but the software didn't load either. I got no error and nothing happens. It starts to load and then nothing. But no error though. But How do I load the software now? and is there anyway to get rid of the update I did since formatting doesn't do it?
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    If you really uninstalled everything this would be your only option: .


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