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Thread: Bootmii as IOS

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    Bootmii as IOS

    what's the use of installing Bootmii as IOS? will it save me from a brick?
    What could possibly go wrong if I bricked my wii but I have Bootmii installed in boot2?
    Is there a possibility that Bootmii gets uninstalled then I brick my wii?

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    1.having a nand back up for future use...
    2.loosing you back up nand and keys.....
    3.only if you uninstall it or update your wii through nintendo....then bootmii gets uninstalled

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    Now then,
    BootMii as Boot2 and a Nand Backup is best, if you can do that
    Install Priiloader and enable Disc & Online Update Block
    BootMii as an IOS, not a great deal of use.

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