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Thread: Making Dop-Mii Download Through Official NUS

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    Making Dop-Mii Download Through Official NUS

    I want Dop-Mii to download from the official NUS address, but I don't know what it is. I'd like to just know the address that can be added into Dop-Mii's config file so that it downloads from the real NUS.

    Please, no posts like:

    "Well how does Dop-Mii download it's stuff if it doesn't download from official NUS"


    "Dop-Mii does download from NUS, what are you talking about..."

    If you post like that you don't know what you are talking about, and I don't feel like explaining what Dop-Mii really does.

    So basically I need the NUS server address.
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    Too much hostility , Hope you get some help.

    I thought it downloaded files from the NUS address by default, I'll try to search something and see what I can find.
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    I don't profess to know everything about DOP-Mii, but I recall reading a similar conversation on their google page in the issues category, in which the lead guy was explaining something about DOP-Mii using a separate database to pull from, and an incompatibility with (or lack of desire to code) generating lists from NUS. Could be faulty memory on my part, but if you run into issues along the way, that might be why.
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    # alternateURL: This will allow you to specify an alternate url to try downloading the NUS files. If it cannot find the file or has troubles connecting to the alternate url then it will fallback to NUS. If the files are cache it will try and load the cached files before attemping to download from ALT or NUS.

    * Example: http://myserver/nus/{TITLEID1}{TITLEID2}v{VERSION}
    * Example: http://myserver/{TITLEID1}{TITLEID2}
    this is the best I could find, sorry no url for you, good luck finding a url. maybe you could try looking at older versions of DOP-IOS, perhaps there are alternate urls in the config files in older versions.

    here's a bit about the cache
    # cacheFolder: You can now specify where the files are to be cached. This can be stored on either on SD or USB. If the setting is blank or does not exist. No Caching will take place.

    * Example: sd:/nus/{TITLEID1}/{TITLEID2}/v{VERSION}
    * Example: usb:/nus/{TITLEID1}/TITLEID2}/v{VERSION}
    What's wrong with the default url that DOP-Mii uses, I would assume that would be the best one to use.
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    Sorry if I was a little... I don't know the word for it. I just really wanted to see if Dop-Mii would be able to load all the new IOSes and System Menu 4.3 from actual NUS.

    Here's a quote from Arikado over from GBAtemp:

    When you download **** you download from a private repository hosted by Lunatik, not NUS.

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    You could try NUS Downloader, download the wanted IOSes (making sure to pack as a wad), then install them with DOP-Mii. An even quicker way to install them IOSes, would be to accept an online update from Nintendo. May I inquire of why you want to install IOSes from the 4.3 update?

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    Dop-Mii probably wouldn't install them because they don't have the right version number and even if you change the WAD filename the version does not match and it won't be installed, but you could always patch the version to be the same but that'd be a pain on all those IOSes.

    I will NEVER update online from Nintendo. I have Priiloader to block those updates too.
    And I will NEVER use a 'safe' firmware updater. It's just full of fail.

    I'm just curious and want to experiment, and I know what I'm doing. Don't let the post count fool you.

    For example I will leave the IOS that LEGO Indiana Jones 1 uses at my normal DARKCORP IOS (which is IOS 33 in case you don't know) so I can use Indiana PWNS.
    I would've used Dop-Mii to install 4.3 minus IOS 33, then when it's done go back to the HBC and install Priiloader (in case Dop-Mii didn't back it up right, just to be sure), and reboot into Priiloader and enable the proper 4.3 hacks so that HBC won't get deleted, etc. Then experiment with what I want to do.

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    DOP-Mii has been updated to v12.1(beta), but I did find the NUS address. I still have to try it and see if it does anything, but what I did was... Well I've been compiling from source the latest version of NUS-Downloader for the past couple of days, when I decided to look at the source today and I thought maybe it was in there, and sure enough it was. Here it is for anybody who wants it:


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