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Thread: USB LoaderGX Auto Restart?

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    USB LoaderGX Auto Restart?

    I was hoping someone could help me with this problem that just recently started happening (as in today when i turned on my wii!). i've always used the USB Loader GX program to launch my games from a hard drive and today when i tried to do it, it restarted my system and won't allow me to even open up USB Loader anymore. I'm not sure what could have caused this or what to do to fix it so was hoping some one would be able to help me out. any help would definately be appreciated!

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    try unplugging your wii for a few minutes.

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    Did your Wii get updated?

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    If you shut your Wii down and keep it on the orange light, you are still in connection with WiiConnect24, and you never know what happens in this 'stand-by' mode.
    There've been certain rumors going around that Nintendo can update your Wii system in this mode. Anyway, I should always turn your Wii off to the red light, because:

    1. The overheat problems that are circulating around are caused by leaving the Wii on stand-by (orange light).
    2. Nintendo can read your Wii system. Now that I don't know if it's really possible, I read severeal times that Nintendo IS able to update your system.
    3. The electricity costs are higher because of this
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    No It didn't. I am still running on 4.2U and i've tried running USB Loader without the hard drive plugged in to see if it was a hard drive issue. when I had done this in the past, i would give me a 30-sec countdown to plug it in - now it just restarts the wii without even giving me a chance

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    Was the app installed as a channel or a forwarder that points to a boot.dol on the sd card? If it is a forwarder, was anything changed on the sd card?
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    it was installed as a channel and has always worked fine.....would a re-install of it make a difference?

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    I got the same error after I try to play Wipeout using DarkCorp and the game want to update my Wii. I did and the problem start. I re-installed IOS34 rev 14 and all was god again, but I can't play the game...

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