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Thread: Punch-Out!! problem.

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    Punch-Out!! problem. (with error pic)

    Hey there.

    I was playing Punch-Out!! and got through the first three fights with no problem but when I get to King Hippo my Wii freezes.

    I get this screen:

    I am running:

    4.2u NTSC Wii.
    Wankinkos latest REV19 with 57 base.
    Latest Configurable USB loader with default game settings.
    WD My Passport 250GB.

    Thanks for your time guys

    EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong section, sorry!

    EDIT2: It works with Hermes 224 with 57 base but why is it crashing with 249 REV 19 with 57 base?
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    Why not just go with cios38rev17. Works for pretty much everything. You can still keep hermes if you want. A game this old should be giving you no problems at all. Out of curriosity, why did you use 57 as a base instead of 38?

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    There was a thread on another forum saying it reads USB faster.

    IOS249[57]-v19 (rev19 of Waninkokos cIOS) = Recommend by Waninkoko. Improves speed for USB loading. However, some Games might not work.
    What are the best bases to use with Hermes and Waninkokos?

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    Install cios38rev17 (38 is the base) and check out the guitar hero 5 guide to find out the hermes settings. I only use that for music games that I rarely play. I've never had a game fail on rev17 with 38 as a base. The Installer for that is in the download pack of the update your softmod guide in my sig. Just put the installer in the apps folder of your sd and run it from homebrew while you're online.

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    Ok I have

    REV17 installed

    Hermes v4:

    IOS222 - IOS38 merged with IOS37
    IOS223 - IOS38 merged with IOS60

    Hermes v5 (latest):

    IOS224 - IOS57
    IOS202 - IOS38

    Is that good?

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    rev17 alone should get punchout working. Just launch through neogamma. As for hermes sometimes you have to have a few different settings depending on the game. I've used the settings in the GH5 guide for hermes and used rev17 for every game that wasn't music and have never had anything not load.

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    REV17 seems to work good. Mini Ninjas no longer freezes at the loading screen too

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    hey im having a similar freezing issue but minne doesnt go to that code screen it jus hangs on the victory screen after the first fight of the world circuit any help? im kinda stuck here

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    Rerip the game from the original!


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