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Thread: WiiMC with the virgin 4.3u softmod

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    WiiMC with the virgin 4.3u softmod

    Let me rephrase the question...I figured out how to access the WiiMC through the Homebrew Channel. I just don't know how to get the movie images onto the HDD for them to be seen or accessed.....

    Lets see if I can answer my own question. Should I create 2 partitions on the external HDD? One for dvd movie iso images, and one for the WBFS Manager 3.0? Is this possible? Am I on the right track?

    Yea, im thinking this will work, because I have gotten the channel for WiiMC installed, and I used a regular usb flash drive to open an .avi file. So, im going to make a partition for games, and movies. Format the one partition to be wbfs format, and the other to be fat32. If this is wrong, please, someone speak up...
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    Yes you gotta partion room for games and room for movies i did read that other then that im not sure getting a 250gb harddrive so i will let ya know my results!!!!


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