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Thread: Softmod my wii without an SD card?

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    Softmod my wii without an SD card?

    So I've had my wii for a couple years and I've taken it apart and put it together a bunch of times. Well the last time i did it I must have messed up the SD card reader cause when I put an SD card into the wii it wont read it. I've tried alot of different SD cards and none of them worked at all. So is there anyway to softmod a wii without using an SD card?? or does anyone know how i can fix the reader on the wii?

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    There IS a way, but this requires a hardmod installed.
    If you have one, you can replace the DOL file from an original game with the one from the HackMii Installer with the use of WIIScrubber. You burn the customized ISO to a disk or install it on your WODE, put the disk in your Wii or load the ISO from the WODE, boot the 'game' and the HackMii Installer appears right in front of your nose.

    Otherwise, there is NO way to softmod your Wii.
    Replace your SD card reader.
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    lol ok, thanks.

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    Read my edited post.


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