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Thread: Problems with various media players: need to play .mkv

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    Problems with various media players: need to play .mkv

    Okay so ill try to simplify my problem a bit:
    I need to play a .mkv file:
    MPlayerCE - Doesn't play .mkv, takes an hour to convert
    MPlayerWii - Doesn't list any files under usb, crashes if I press A past that.
    MPlayerWii Youtube - Same as MPlayerWii
    GeeXboX - Plays, but lags horribly and no sound but clicking sounds with the speakers
    WiiMC - Looks wonderful, but doesn't play .mkv

    I didn't try anything thats not listed above, I think I have every media player in the homebrew browser.

    Any suggestions on how to play .mkv without converting? (when I convert it also unsynchronizes the audio and video)
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    Dude , what are you trying to do is beyond Wii's power . Are you mkv's in high definition ?

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    srslY?? >_> yes its 720 p, the video im trying to watch...

    No fair... I need to figure out a way to take the hd movies i have and play them on my hd plasma tv >:(

    Btw these forum rules are way too strict. The only forums I have ever received warnings from is facepunch (because most mods are idiots) and this forum.
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