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Thread: a few questions about continuing mods

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    a few questions about continuing mods

    Hello all I had a few questions that I have not been able to find the answers to.

    1. How can I add more games to my SD card for the emulators, or add new emulators ...suchs as a n64 one and games?

    2. I have almost ran out of room on my external HDD and I want to get a bigger one. However I do not want to loose the stuff I have now. Can I ghost a copy to a new larger HDD of my smaller HDD and keep all of my content?

    3. Can I add my GC games to my HDD or is that not possible?

    Thanks in advance for all the advice and info, and yes I am a new guy to the world of platform mod-ing.
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    1. any emulator will need its boot.dol inside the apps folder of your sd card. Then boot from the HBC. Most emulators need a folder on the root of the sd card such as sd:/wii64/roms where the roms go, and sd:/wii64/saves where the saves go or can be created. Check out, it's your friend.

    2. Yes, you should be able to just copy contents from one drive to the next. Use windows, mac, or whatever OS you use to copy contents from one FAT or NTFS drive to another. Then use WBFS Manager or WBFS Intelligent to copy contents from one WBFS partition to another.

    3. GC emulation only has a proof of concept right now, so you will still need to burn GC backups to disc. Of course you put GC backups on your HDD for storage, but you won't be able to play them as of yet.

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    Your 3rd question regarding the GC isos is possible with the use of a WODE Modchip.


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