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Thread: MadWorld Problem

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    MadWorld Problem

    I'm playing MadWorld, and it's all good, and then I get to the first boos called Big Bull, and the game just gets stuck.It gets completely frozen, and the only way to turn off the Wii is shut down the power. I've tried twice and it still dosen't work.

    Wii 3.4E (The game is PAL) cIOS 249 rev 17 NeoGamma R8 C* (or something), Vibratim disc which I always use.
    And I burned the game at 4x speed, like I always do.
    Help please?
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    You are burning it on the wrong speed

    you should actually burn it att 2.4x speed. atleast that is what i do and i have no problems at all. if it helped remember to thank me

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    Probably a bad dump/download...
    Does the original get past that point?
    Did the burn verify after completion?
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    makan95 - Can't, using Nero Burning ROM, it can't get any lower than 4x. This isn't my first burn, I have over 20 games by now..
    jpimp - Yea thought of that. The original obviously gets past this point, here it just freezes. And yea the program said burn successfully finished (Or something of the sort).

    I'll try downloading again from another place, though the comments there pretty much said it's supposed to work..
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