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Thread: Running Bannerbomb on 4.2E, shows disclaimer then freezes on black screen

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    Running Bannerbomb on 4.2E, shows disclaimer then freezes on black screen


    I am using an eye-fi SD card, and have downloaded and extracted the file labelled "GET THIS" at stage A1 of Messie's 4.2e full hacking guide.
    I read his guide from beginning to end before commencing.
    My SD card is formatted as FAT32 and I have tried both inserting it before accessing the SD card menu from the title screen (which intermittently resulted in a "this channel cannot be launched on this wii console" error) and after accessing the menu, which shows the "if you paid you've been scammed" disclaimer to which I press OK or agree or whatever the option to continue is.
    At which point, the screen goes black, and the blue lights in the wii's disc slot flash.
    I tried leaving it in this state for about 15 minutes before holding down the power button to restart (console is working fine aside not letting me install HBC).

    I've read that I should simply goto bannerbomb's website and download another version and try that, googling "bannerbomb" I believe the top result is the correct site, certainly looks it, but it says:

    if you got the dialog,
    and have a problem later on,
    DON'T TRY THESE -- they won't help
    So I haven't; I reckon bannerbomb knows better than most anyone what they're talking about.

    I have checked if there's an alternative guide in the "RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS ONLY" subforum but the only I can see is ShadowSonic2's "Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!" and although it says any 4.2 I can't see indication as to whether I can take that to mean any 4.2 Wii, i.e. black white etc, or any 4.2 version, i.e. 4.2e, k etc.
    I've read it anyway and can't find anything helps with this problem.

    I should also note that I have to insert the SD card repeatedly to get the bannerbomb disclaimer to pop up at all, and that if I press accept and then immediately press 1 (to a window I can't even read but it's the same size as the disclaimer window) then the screen still goes black but the blue lights in the disc drive don't flash on and off.

    I'm just about to re-attempt running bannerbomb using a Kingston SD card...

    Problem solved; it was the eye-fi sd card.
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