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Thread: Wii 4.1 won't load

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    Wii 4.1 won't load

    Hello Guys
    Got already Wii 4.1 E software modem
    i just downloaded one game and burn it like usual,
    and the game won't launch,
    so updating the CIOS or the firmware can fix my issue?

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    Which game? Which version of CIOS are you using? What types of disc are you using and how fast are you burning? How did you softmod? Software modem? Little hard to help with lack of details.

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    i am talking about Bakugan,Sonic riders zero gravity ,Sonic en Sega all star Racing,
    the CIOS version i am using as i beleive this one CIOS37 rev 03 found it on changelog file, ( older as one year when i install it for the last time),
    about burning i use as usual the slaw one 2X or lawer
    i softmod it for the first time when i bought it with 3.3 ( with homebrew, with Twilight disk) E and after my Kick updated it accidently,to this fireware after someome from the forum helped me out and it works fine,
    it still runing the old games,
    thank you for the help

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    Wow. You are really out of date. You should install cios38rev17 to start off and go from there.

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    Thank you for the answer,
    after updating the Cios how i am supposed to run copy games?
    which software do you recommended?
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