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Thread: Wondering if my Wii will be okay...

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    Wondering if my Wii will be okay...

    Last time I bought a game (NSMBW) I had to redo my entire homebrew. Now that I have Super Mario Galaxy 2, I'm making a new nand.bin with all my current stuff on it.

    What I want to know is if I put SMG2 in and I have to restart my homebrew again, is there a way to upgrade my system menu from a hacked 4.1U to whatever I need it to be, still hacked?

    The nand is being made as I write this.

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    Games do not depend on system menu. Read the SMG2 Thread by Ithian.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I did read the thread, and I'm not worried about the game, I'm worried about the rest of my installed homebrew. I have the disc, and I can't get Priiloader working for some reason.


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