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Thread: Harry Potter COS Gamecube Backup Problem

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    Harry Potter COS Gamecube Backup Problem

    Hey there. So, at first I tried with an NTSCU copy. Did not work. Tried it with every single setting and backup loader i could possibly imagine. No luck. Got a black screen every single time I tried. Tried it then with a PAL version. It worked, halfway through anyway. My screen starts flickering and the thing is black and white. The black and white I really don't care about. I found out that this is because of region compatibility. Could not solve it forcing region. But, then again, as I said, I really could care less about that. I cannot, however, play with my screen flickering. Correct me if I'm wrong, after having done a lot of research on the matter, I decided to attribute it to the fact that I am using a composite cable. Is this really the problem? Will using a component cable fix this? I do not really want to go ahead spending money and then finding it does not work. Also, I tried it with GCBackup Loader 0.1 Xi, tells me read DVD Error 186. I do not have a bad burn (at least I don't think so, if it's loading (scarcely anyway) in 0.2). Tried it with Gamecube Backup Loader Waninkoko's one, I only got audio but no video. Any help is ABSOLUTELY GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance

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    Moved to gamecube section of site.

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    even if I'm trying to play it on Wii?

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    Wii operates in GC mode and is a GC title, so yes.

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    Did you even bother to see the other posts in the section here (the same section this post is in)? If you had, you'd have saved yourself and me about three posts a piece.

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    I'm sorry, I don't follow. I checked the other posts and none seem to be discussing my problem. I put this in the other section because it was a specific game. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm new here.

    Sorry for the double post. I can't edit my posts. I found one about Viewtiful Joe where you yourself commented and then the guy said that he had the black screen audio only problem but there was no further response.

    Hit the edit button twice
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    I can understand why you thought it was an appropriate section. That section deals with specific Wii game backups on softmodded Wiis. While true you are playing this game on the Wii, it is a Gamecube game and effectively doesn't apply (the fact it's played on a Wii is irrelevant). Not a big deal, I guess you simply didn't understand why this qualifies as Gamecube material (because it's a gamecube game).

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    I don't know if you tried this combination yet, but try this. Get the latest version of NeoGamma, patch your MIOS with WiiGator's mios patcher. Look in my signature for my gamecube guide, I will update the guide with the latest neogamma in a few minutes, Neogamma r9 b23. And, burn your GC game to a single ISO disc, not a multiISO disc.

    nvm, I already updated the guide, here is the links

    NeoGamma r9 beta 26 from emuhack - HERE (boot.dol)
    and install this WiiGator cMIOS - HERE
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    Actually, Emuhack's Neo Gamma thread has the latest Neo Gamma as channel installable (wad) --- R9 beta 26.

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