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Thread: Wiikey Fusion and USB HDD ?

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    Wiikey Fusion and USB HDD ?

    Can Wiikey Fusion start the backup games from USB HDD? I couldn't find any explanation ?

    Please reponse me. Thank you.
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    disc or usb loading

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    Wii Hard Drive Hack: Load Wii Games Off a Hard Drive Code Retard
    I've found this guide that boasts it will let you load backups from a usb hard drive using any wii mod chip - but I'm a newbie sort of and I get a little lost following it after step 11.
    If anyone can figure out to get a wii with a fusion and the homebrew channel installed (from a failed attempt to softmod) please reply or supply a link to a guide to get a usb drive to work as all this formatting a copying onto a 4GB SDHC card is getting tedious!


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