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Thread: WiiRadio 0.6 by Scanff

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    WiiRadio 0.6 by Scanff

    WiiRadio allows you to stream internet radio straight from the free service Shoutcast.

    CHANGELOG v0.6
    -More Visuals
    -Added Icecast Support
    -Search on stations
    -Connection to a stream address
    -Booting from USB support
    -Widescreen setting
    -Added ability for user to select visual mix mode or single mode
    -Bug Fixes
    Download: WiiRadio 0.6

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    Great app !
    I have 2 requests though :

    1. It can't play pls files that contain multiple stations . It recognizes only the first stream from the list . I have attached such a playlist so you can test

    2. Wii Remote sensitivity is lower in Wii Radio compared to other apps , i have to get closer to the TV for the cursor to appear . Can you add support for additional controllers , like the Classic Controller ?
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