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Thread: installing emulators and getting games?

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    installing emulators and getting games?

    For some reason i'm not having success getting the emulator on the wii
    I've found where the emulators are List of homebrew emulators - WiiBrew

    I've followed the instructions, but i cant seem to figure it out.

    I copy the downloaded folder to the root of the SD(i'm trying to get Virtual Boy Advance GX) Then what do i do? Also how do i get games for the emulators.

    Also i know i need IOS 222. I downloaded the file and tried to instal it(using DOP-mii) it said it was installed. did i do this wrong?
    Sorry for the Noob question!

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    ROMs are illegal to ditribute. WiiHacks does not provide anyone from ROMs or ISOs.

    So, with that said.
    When you download an emulator, and put it on your SD card, it should run fine.
    When you put the SD card in your computer again, it will leave a folder on the root of your SD card, which is them name of the emulator.
    Inside this folder, you will find two folders called 'roms' and 'saves.' In the roms folder, you place your ROMs. In the saves folder will your savedata be stored.

    iOS 202 is only required for using DVDs to store your ROMs on.


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