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Thread: problems installing game to hdd in usb loader gx

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    problems installing game to hdd in usb loader gx

    i have everything on my wii working with regards to running games from my hdd through usb loader gx and it's great. the only problem i'm having is when i try to backup a game through my wii's dvd drive onto my hdd using usb loader gx. i load it up and click on the plus symbol and it asks me if i want to install. i click yes but then it just freezes and i have to hard reset my wii. i'm running a soft modded 4.2

    any ideas?

    cheers, Robbie

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    r935 Channel -- If you want to install the full channel - Uninstall the old one first(If you have it)

    r935.dol -If you are loading from the HBC or a forwarder channel.

    Use this revision of GX
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    thank you very much, it worked a treat!


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