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Thread: Noisy drive with Wasabi

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    Noisy drive with Wasabi


    I recently got my solderless Wasabi V3 with Wii-Clip (Canadamods). Everything works fine (backups, orginals, etc.), except that now my Wii (a D2C) is making a loud sound exactly like in this video: [ame=]YouTube - Wii Noise[/ame]. I tried to loose the 4 screws that hold the DVD drive in place (the ones that must be removed to install the modchip), and it helped a lot (but there's still a constant sound). The strange thing is that with backups, the sound is there but not too loud (but I always hear it when playing), but with original games, the sound is there but very loud (it sounds like a cart...)!?!?

    Also, when a DVD is in the drive, the drive is always spinning, so the sound is constantly there. I always tought that the DVD drive would spin only when necessary (if I remember well, in Mario Kart Wii for instance, before the modchip, I could hear the drive starting to spin up and then slowing down)?

    I'm starting to think that the Wii-Clip is just too thick and that the 4 dampers can't do their job because all the pressure is on the clip... Even if I loose the screws, when closing the case, it puts enough pressure to bring back that sound problem

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    Sound like the screws on the actual wii drive are too tight. try this method.

    [ame=]YouTube - wii buzzing noise solution[/ame]

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    what i found is loosening the clip screws on the top of the dvd drive helps a bit more, just 1 or two notches does the trick. ive tweaked many brand new units that had this buzzing right out of the box.
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    Hi, I finally found a way to bring back the old normal wind sound I had to loose the screw on the lower left of the wii drive and insert a small rubber damper to make sure that there's no contact between the black plastic and the metal plate at that spot.

    Everything is fine for now. Thx again Spyman, the modchip works like a charm and was very easy to install. I will recommend Canadamods to my friends


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