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Thread: Homemade Wii Covers Will Not Show

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    Homemade Wii Covers Will Not Show

    I have successfully soft modded my Wii, thanks WiiHacks, and as soon as I can, I will donate, and I have my games now running from the USD HDD. I use Configurable USB Loader v56. I have a few wad files, WiiTDB had some of the covers, but for others, I just made some. Well, the few I made, some would refuse to show. I just took a 3D cover of another game and made my own over it. I saved it as a *.PNG to whatever Wii game ID it was, i.e. WERE00.PNG. I also tried without the trailing 00, still nothing. Open for any and all suggestions, thanks for looking.

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    It has to be certain dimensions. Check to see that your custom covers have the same dimension as the others from WiiTDB. Also check to make sure the game ID matches the one actually on your drive VS just checking at WiiTDB.
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    Thanks Krank, but I failed to mention that I did verify the dimensions, also even checked the ID of the game in WBFS Manager, any other suggestions? As I said I used the same template, just some will not show. Thanks for answering!

    I have it now, I have dyslexia and it took my wife to see the problem, had the file name, just wrong order of the characters, sorry. You can close this thread now.
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