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Thread: #Boot1c + Holywood

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    #Boot1c + Holywood

    Hello Community.

    Would someone please help me with a doubt:
    - I have a motherboard with this holywood : 8314, and the version is boot1c.

    If I use the Infectus ModChip.. and inject on the nand bootmii 0-8 blocks will it be vulnerable and let the bootmii start?

    Waiting patiently for you reply!

    Best regards.

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    Your answer is somewhere in here, have fun looking for it. I know it is in there somewhere.
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    Bad_Ad84 know all about this, perhaps ask him.
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    are you sure its 8314? the number should start with a 0?

    as your code would mean your wii was made in 2083 week 14


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