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Thread: Wii Hombrew Developer Libraries

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    Wii Hombrew Developer Libraries

    GRRLIB by team GRRLIB

    GRRLIB is a C/C++ 2D Graphics library for Wii application developers. It is essentially a wrapper which presents a friendly interface to the Nintendo GX core.

    CHANGELOG v4.3.0
    -libpng was updated to version 1.4.2
    -libjpeg was updated to version 8b
    -zlib was updated to version 1.2.5
    -FreeType 2.3.12 support (first support)
    -3D primitive drawing: torus, sphere, cube, cylinder and cone
    -Light functions (diffuse, specular, spot) + ambient
    -Splitted functions for rotation/translation/scaling 3d object.
    -Here is the list a new added samples demo code :
    -3d_light1 -> Simple Diffuse light sample code
    -3d_light2 -> Simple Lights and GRRLIB_ObjectViewInv sample
    -3d_light3 -> A little Specular light sample code
    -3d_light4 -> Spot Light Sample Code
    -3D_sample5 -> Simple demo of rotation/translation/scaling 3d object.
    -ttf -> TrueType Font demo

    Source/Download:grrlib - Project Hosting on Google Code
    ================================================== =============

    FreeTypeGX 0.3.1

    by Armin Tamzarian

    FreeTypeGX is a wrapper class for libFreeType which renders a compiled FreeType parsable font into a GX texture for Wii homebrew development. FreeTypeGX is written in C++ and makes use of a selectable pre-buffered or buffer-on-demand methodology to allow fast and efficient printing of text to the EFB.

    -Increase performance for numerous functions.

    Source/Download:FreeTypeGX - WiiBrew
    ================================================== =============
    Metaphrasis 0.1.2
    by Armin Tamzarian

    Metaphrasis is a static conversion class for transforming RGBA image buffers into various GX texture formats for Wii homebrew development. Metaphrasis is written in C++ and makes use of a community standard and newly developed algorithms for conversion of 32-bit RGBA data buffers into various GX texture formats common to both the Gamecube and Wii platforms.

    -Largely increased performance for color format conversion routines.

    Source/Download:Metaphrasis - WiiBrew
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