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Thread: wii updated to 4.2e

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    wii updated to 4.2e

    Hi my friends daughter accidentaly upgraded the wii to 4.2 from 4.1e which i softmodded and now has the error 1178 when she runs the discs through neogamma.
    What is the best process to carry out so i can get the wii to play the games from disc,she doesnt want to use a hdd atm.

    Thanks for help again.

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    Follow this excellent guide by mauifrog to get your Wii up and running again
    All previous softmods will be overwritten by the newest revisions, so don't worry about deleting stuff first. It is not needed.
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    Thankyou very much i knew this site would sort my problem out,it always does,cheers for that

    im on the bit where it tells me to load bootmii and i get a error exeptional(dsi) occurred,what shall i do?

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