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Thread: how to install .wbfs games useing wbfs manager

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    Us how to install .wbfs games useing wbfs manager

    i can install iso's i just have some games that are already in .wbfs format and i cant figure out how to drop them on my hdd any help would be appreciated.

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    Wii Game manager/Wii backup manager
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I've found wii backup manager to be excellent, it does everything wbfs manager does and more, it lets you use wbfs files, or ciso files or iso files. It also lets you convert the large iso files to wbfs files to save space on your PC. It's interface isn't quite as pretty as wbfs manager but the functionality far out strips wbfs manager

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    i started using Wii Game Manager after a problematic spell and never had a problem since couldn't recommend it more
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