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Thread: preloader issue

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    preloader issue

    when i start my wii it says system menu, homebrew, files/folder, settings. etc. when i choose the homebrew channel it says :error auto booting hbc, maybe title not installed, whats a title?, and how do i install it?

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    Sounds like an outdated version of preloader that thinks homebrew channel is installed as the title it used to be before nintendo started trying to end it. They changed the channel title to something else.
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    so what does that mean i need to get a newer version of preloader?, and install it and if so do i need to uninstall the old version?

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    Looks like this fits your description.
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    this is for system 4.1 im on a 3.2

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    No its not. It updates your system menu to 4.1... Fixing your Priiloader issue by removing it. Then you install it again at the end of the guide.

    EDIT: Oops sorry, your error was autobooting HBC, not system menu. Never heard of that one before. I will look around.

    EDIT 2: It seems (after some searching) that your problem can also be fixed by following the guide I linked you too. Here is the link to the thread I found the information in. It came from the guides author.
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    appreciate it the info was useful but i really like my 3.2 and its not hurting anything at the moment.thanx

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    LOL 3.2 offers nothing that 4.1 doesn't have. Anyway you could probably follow the same guide and install 3.2 system menu instead of 4.1. Ask in the thread if you want. I don't know why you wouldn't want to fix your problem...
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    can i just put a hack.ini file onto the root of my sd card to get it to boot directly to the homebrew channel or usb loader gx, from the preloader screen?


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