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Thread: Help I just finished y softmod and think i blew it somehow

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    Help I just finished y softmod and think i blew it somehow

    I finished my softmod installation as per the guide but now from readign other posts found out that i made a mistake. I followed step 4 and updated my ststem menu bu installing teh patched ios60 but is did not update to 4.1 (or does that do it for you) I then installed the preloader and have 3.4 still. when i went to menu hacks in preloader menu is said there wernt any available for 385. after searching that topic i found that i may have blown it by not completing the system update step. Please help. Can i go back ian istall the 4.1 update now. should i use the delet step in the preloader menu and go back. I did follow through with step d and download allthe required wads. My system seems to play game discs ok but I do know if I have done any damage. Any help is greaqtly appreciated.

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    I don't know how you could have messed that up, it is a step by step guide.
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    Priiloader is not compatible with 3.4. You really should have taken your time and read the guide more closely. (I know you skipped things because I read your other posts) I know you may be frustrated but I already told you any questions relating to the guide should be posted in the guide. Sometimes you have to be patient and wait for someone to help. Anyway, Go back to the first step that you skipped things in and start from there. This time do NOT skip steps.
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    I think i just did not uderstand that Update now meant firmware, t thought it meant iso60. I am also sorry i cannot seem to post in the right spot. i have searched all the threads and do not see on called guide. I did installed the zip file to update the firmware and i am now at 4.1. How would i know if i have caused any probs. it seems to play a disc fine. i guess i was a bit rushed since i tried to get this done before i had to pick up my kids. now i have 4.1. should i go back and try to do the priloader hacks?

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    Yes. You need Priiloader. Just follow the steps closely and you should be fine. Make Sure IOS60 patched is installed BEFORE you install priiloader. If you need more info on it you can find Prilloader guides in the first 2 links in my signature. Also once you are done installing priiloader you can Run a SysCheck and post it here to see if you did everything right.
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    what is you signature. you mean your name in teh top left corner of the post?

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    No Below my post. you can also find the guides by searching. (the softmod guide your following covers Priiloader as well)

    Games Wont Load? Click Here! -- In the second post you can find the priiloader links.
    Softmod Problems & Troubleshooting [GUIDE]
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