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Thread: 4.3u qu.

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    4.3u qu.

    I heard this update was coming but didnt think it would be out as soon as now. I was away for the weekend and came home to check my shop channel and said there was an update. (dont worry, i did not update) I'm on sys menu 4.2U and have everything exactly the way I like it, so far the only thing I can tell is that my shop channel dosent work, not too big a deal, I can live without it however I hear there is a work around for that already. Anyway, I dont plan to update and commit homebrew suicide but my question is, what if any advantages are there to this update? Will games that come out in the future (ex. Metriod:Other M, etc.) require the new sys menu 4.3? I really hope not cause that would suck. I have priiloder with the blocks installed and dont intend to update if I dont have to. Thanks for any helpfull answers.

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    Any updates that future games may need can be added manually. My Console is still @ 3.2U and plays all the games new and old alike just fine.

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    No advantages to this update really. You can download the shop channel with NUS and install it that way if you really want. Games don't run off of system menus, they run off ios's so there really is no need to update for future games.

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    Right on, thanks for clearing that up. I'll be sticking on my 4.2U, don't fix what ain't broke, right?

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    Well an easy way to get the patched new ios's and shop channel would be to use pimpmywii 1.43.
    Of course that is just my opinion.

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    PimpMyWii = fail. It's not needed for anything. (IMHO)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dickerson420 View Post
    Well an easy way to get the patched new ios's and shop channel would be to use pimpmywii 1.43.
    Of course that is just my opinion.
    You will never see a tutorial or a linking thread made by anyone here that has any experience, that has anything to do with that app.
    System ios's are installed and modified in an orderly step by step method, not through an automated random process.
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