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Thread: Wasabi DX with Wii System Menu 4.3

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    Lightbulb Wasabi DX with Wii System Menu 4.3

    I know that the new System Menu 4.3 removes softmods. But does any of you know if you can update safely to 4.3 if you have a modchip (like Wasabi DX) installed, and no softmods? I.e. will Wasabi DX work on System Menu 4.3, too?

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    Wasabi DX doesnt work with 4.3

    Hey there,
    I updated my Wii to 4.3 a few days ago.
    Since then my Wasabi DX doesn't work anymore.
    When I put in a backup the Wasabi DX shows a red light and the DVD Drive slows down and stops.
    I cannot reach the DX Menu at all.

    Does somebody Know if I can fix it somehow?

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    Wasabi DX

    My Wasabi DX is working fine with 4.3E

    Bought a faulty black Wii couple of days ago - Which I accidentaly updated to 4.3E, thinking I would get 4.2 and could softmod - now fitted D2C drive with Wasabi DX - Playing backup discs fine.

    So your problem may not be 4.3 related ?

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    Wasabi broken?

    it's strange, because it worked fine before i used the Update.

    I can play original games, but when i put in backups the wasabi led is red.
    is the chip broken? because as i said i cannot get into the wasabi menu.


    hope someone has a hint for me.

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    What firmware were you on and are you using backup from same region ? 4.2 meant you could only play backups from your own region with the DX. link to Wasabi help here


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