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Thread: Usbloader GX Problems (Wii)

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    Question Usbloader GX Problems (Wii)

    So i recently modded my wii using bannerbomb and im now trying to get the usbloader gx to run on the homebrew channel. I went throught the entire process correctly, however when i try to install the cISO part, everything goes ok but then at one point near the end is says something like:

    custom iso install
    install ERROR! (r -1035)

    then it says install is complete. When i go to the usbloader option on the channel, it ays i have no cISO stuff going on so it wont load. Anyone know hao to fix this?

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    Yes follow one of our guides. You need to restore trucha in IOS36 before installing cIOS.

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    uh yeah, which one though? I honestly just looked at the guides and none of them told me how to do that.

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    You didn't look very hard. All of them include that step. Follow the appropriate guide for your system menu version. 3.1-4.1 use dogegg's guide - - 4.2 then use shadowsonic2's guide
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    Well, i did what it said and i still get the same thing.

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    So what system menu are you one? What guide did you follow? You tried it but it didn't work...what do you mean? What didn't work?
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    well im running 4.2, i got the homebrew channel. I get everything right with the dopemii with ios36. But when i run the cios installer, everything works except the custom ios bit. It always says that the install has an error and in brackets it says (r -1035). I used the 4.2 guide.

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    Do step 3, 4 and 5 of shadowsonic2's Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii.
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    Thank for this tutorial
    got already Homebrew and eveyrhing installed,
    i am on 4.0 E following this will get me able to run the newst games ? and play from external USB HD and DVD?
    3.1-4.1 System Menu - - New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii - By Dogeggs

    Thank you

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    Yes. There are a few games that require extra steps, see Krank's "Problematic Games" thread in the newbie section (it's stickied) for those.

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