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Thread: What is the least softmoding I would need to do to play region free games?

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    What is the least softmoding I would need to do to play region free games?

    I have a 4.3U, and I know there are no known guides or mods for this update. At this point I am just curious...Let's say if I had a virgin 4.2U, what would I need to do to softmod the console to just play region free. No playing backups, or downloading games or using channels or anything else. Anybody willing to indulge my whim? =)


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    Install homebrew channel and use gecko.

    Gecko OS - WiiBrew
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    Let me get this straight: you want to softmod, but not for playing backups? You already received our guides for doing a softmod as a response to your Introduction post/hello. The purpose I suppose, would be simply to play PAL on NTSC or vice versa?

    The answer: do our softmod guide, regardless if backup or original (but out of region), it really doesn't change anything. Also if the Wii is less than a year old, it most certainly would require original (which according to your post is not a problem) as would have D3-2 drive. The bottom line: no real or meaningful difference, do the softmod that you were linked to.

    Edit: you could always buy a hardmod and follow maui's guide to downgrade to 4.1, which would allow for region-free gaming on your Wii. That thread exists for a specific group, for a specific purpose (hardmods won't play out of region games on 4.2). Your scenario if original media would allow for this to work, again provided you go a hardmod route. D3-2 wouldn't be a factor if store-bought discs.
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