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Thread: HELP!! Bricked Wii and tried everything to fix it

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    HELP!! Bricked Wii and tried everything to fix it

    I recently tried to get a USB loader working on my Wii but after installing some bad WAD, it bricked. Homebrew channel failed to show the SD card contents and any other channels I opened showed the black screen. So I tried a few solutions and like an idiot ended up formatting my Wii. So I'm back to the original channel page.
    Following this I tried using the Bannerbomb method of installing Homebrew Channel but it get to the 'if you paid you were scammed' dialog then after this it hangs on a black screen. (I don't have twilight princess or indiana games either)
    I've also tried opening other channels using bannerbomb but they all do the same thing. Except for TBR; which does open but once I get to the 'load which IOS screen' the controller switches off and does not reconnect.
    What can I do to fix it!?

    Wii system. 4.0u

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