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Thread: Wii Soft Mod confusion...

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    Us Wii Soft Mod confusion...

    Ok so i know theres guides on here for this, and i read the stick for the newbies...but its hard to navigate this place its like im in a maze of threads

    ive hacked things before and its always hard jumping in, i just need a little help here and being able to keep softmod updates constants should be easy i just need a starting point,

    so im getting a new black wii on friday, and i know i cant provide the serial number or firmware version (i know enough to assume you'd need to know those)

    I just need to know where to start, what i need, and if i can play backup wii games, and also if i can use my normal wii channels like buying ocarina of time in the wii store...

    seriously, thanks to anyone whose able to put up with my noobishness and help out,

    you guys have a good day

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    First thing to know is not to run anofficial update on it. Assume that you will not be able to play disk backups, but only be able to use a usb device. If it has 4.2 (which it probably will, there are 2 guides in the recommended guides section. There is also one for anything from 3.1-4.1 in that section as well.
    Mauifrog has just recently puttogether a good tutorial to softmod any system menu version, in the homebrew section (pending us moving it). I have recently used that guide and it was very easy to use.
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