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Thread: Cannot get any backup loader to work on 4.2 system menu

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    Cannot get any backup loader to work on 4.2 system menu

    Ok soo, ive been trying to get all types of backup loaders to work for my 4.2 wii. all of which result in black screens, frozen please wait screens or returning to main system menu. ive followed countless guides all of which give me the same steps over and over. ive searched and searched various sites, ill give more detail if anyone has any suggestions.

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    What guide did you use to hack your wii? It is apparent you did not do something correctly.

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    I used messies guide for hacking 4.2 system menu

    ive read the guide over and over, checked other guides, followed all the steps.
    ive checked to make sure my hdd was compatible. i know im using the right port. its formatted correctly.

    one thing that confused me was in messies guide she said when deleting the stub ios to delete all the stubs
    and in another guide i was told ONLY delete stubs of 222, 223, 249, 250, 254.

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    Do step 3 of shadowsonic2's Softmod For ANY 4.2 wii. If no luck after that then do Step 4 and 5 of shadows guide.
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    thnaks ill give it a shot.

    So I just noticed when I mentioned Messie's guide told me to delete all stub ios, and another guide told me to only delete the ones specified, that was from step 4 of shadowsonic2's guide. so im wondering would me getting rid of all the ios that had stub under currently installed hav a bad effect?
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    Only delete the stubs listed in shadows guide (If you accidentally deleted others, it won't matter...but don't do it now if that's what your asking)
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