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Thread: Japanese Region Change?

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    Japanese Region Change?

    Sorry I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Wii hacks and mods, but I've been silently active with the PSP's scene since day one.

    I am really wanting to buy a new Wii because I still have a lot of my backups left over from when I had my first Wii...but I don't wanna shell out a huge amount just to play them. Is there a way to Region Change and allow for ISO backups on a Japanese Wii? I've noticed Japanese ones are dirt cheap on ebay, so I thought this could be a good idea.

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    Personally, I would by a use Wii from a retailer that sell such items, not form ebay. What are you going to do when you get your ebay wii and it don't work. To me it seems like you'll be lucky to get your money back or even get an exchange. Buying new or used form a retailer you'll at least be able to take it back if it don't work.

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    I've bought two psps and my PS3 on eBay and never had a problem. Obviously I'm not going to buy an As-Is or a broken one. If the item is advertised as working and does not work, eBay will return my money.

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    i also would not go anywhere near a region changed wii, thats just asking for a brick.

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    Alright thanks for that info Dave. So just get a NTSC one?


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