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Thread: About usig the "search" function on this site

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    About usig the "search" function on this site

    I'm new. I'm not trying to make any enemies. I like what this site is doing for the community.
    I've read some of the 'required reading' for newbies and empathize with the moderators of this site . I clearly understand the sentiment of the "drive bys" by newbies who pop in for one question then are gone for ever. These are the 'lazy' ones who would rather post their ever so important question to the world in hopes of some free and immediate support, rather than search the forums for the answer which is likely there partially, if not completely. I may be one of these lazy drive bys as well since I joined this site recently to solve a little issue I'm having. (BTW, I've received an excellent welcome, thanks)
    That said, i think the search function kinda suc-- doesn't always work so well.
    Today I just wanted to know what version of IOS I may have installed. I seem to recall seeing a link to a program that would help determine this one day while pouring over some of the huge threads. So I went to the search function and typed "what IOS do I have." Besides the inconvenience of the security words that must be copied, I got a message that "The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: what, ios, do, i, have."
    I tried again with "what ios version do i have" and received a list of all posts including the word "version". I mean, Really?
    Maybe I'm just a noob and don't comprehend some simple reality about forums, but it seems to me that if it were easier to search the forums for "layman's" questions that the flood of noob's annoying repeat questions may subside a bit? I saw an esteemed moderator here mention that the 'flood of noobs' getting 'worse as soft mods get easier' (maybe not exact quotes). Maybe it's increased traffic, or maybe it's some sort of decrease in efficiency?
    I dunno what the answer to this 'problem' might be. Maybe a simple upgrade? or delete some extraneous posts? Or maybe there is no problem and it's just me and some other noobs that just 'don't get it' somehow?
    I'll tell you what I think, if you offered a service like "personalized Wii hack tech support (with proper disclaimers stating that you might never be happy) for $5 or $10" you might get some of the parents just trying to play backups of their kid's favorite (and often destroyed) games to bite. But then, you might need a bigger staff.

    That's just my opinion on a recent observation. Please don't hate me.
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    We have had mixed results with this search feature, and the other one we were using. A good idea is to use google with one of the keywords being wiihacks and the rest whatever you want to include.

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    That reminds me; whatever happened to the live search function? I used it a great deal of times before - extremely helpful in getting the info I needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    We have had mixed results with this search feature, and the other one we were using. A good idea is to use google with one of the keywords being wiihacks and the rest whatever you want to include.
    Ya this works great, I never fail to find a thread I'm looking for this way. Live search is down, not sure if it is coming back.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Yeah, sometimes the search function does suck, but we only yell at people who ask questions that can be found in 1000+ threads. I can see how your search would turn up nothing. Doing a sigcheck would tell you which ios version you have, or even running dop-mii ios would tell you which version is currently installed if you select it individually.


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