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Thread: Softmodding gone sour?

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    Softmodding gone sour?

    Followed an old softmodding guide,

    Did everything from part 1 to 3, until part 4 section 6 :

    "Youíll now be back in the Wiiís system menu on firmware 3.2.
    Use the official updater to update back to version 4.1."

    And of course it updates to 4.3(mine to 4.3 E)

    So what I'm asking is there a proper guide
    still a possibility to softmod(and do i kinda continue from where i left)
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    either ask whoever wrote that guide, or follow the one in the tutorial section of the website.
    I dont know why people expect us to spend time fixing their screw ups caused by other sites.

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    Ok you not only used a guide from another site, but one that has not been updated since july of 2009. Not gonna go into how this is extreme FAIL, since you have felt the pain.
    Not gonna look at this guide, but if you installed a cios before the fail. You may be able to use one of the guides here to resoftmod. I there was no cios installed, you will have to wait until a bannerbomb exploit becomes available.
    Here is one method, you'll have to search from here on out friend.

    Only providing a link becuase info on the 4.3 is limited and hard to find for some at this time. I normally do not link ppl and encourage them to search.
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