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    Us help

    okk here it goes!!
    i have a ntsc wii with wii key, but somewhere along the way my wii got semi bricked because i couldnt access my settings but every backup game i had worked perfectly fine, so I did downloaded a update disk from console scene for ntsc wii and it worked, and after i went to wii shop channel and it asked me to upgrade so i went ahead and did it, now my wii does not play ssbb and also does not read the update disk that i did before!! what can it be? help will be greatly appreciated!

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    You have updated to the latest revision of the 3.3 version which has rendered some of the features/ability of the homebrew. There have been new versions of certain aps that have been released and are being discussed in the forums. Check out those threads.

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    was your ssbb the scrubbed version (on dvd-r) ?
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    Im not sure but it used to work perfect before

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    Chances are it was a scrubbed version. SSBB is a dual-layer game, so if you were playing it off a single-layer DVD-R, it's the scrubbed version, in which case that is the reason why it won't work anymore. The new 3.3 update prevents your Wii from being able to read scrubbed games. You should be able to find a standard version of the game and burn it to a dual-layer disc and it should work.

    Also the reason it won't read your update disc any longer is because the 3.3 update also renders trucha signed discs unreadable. I believe you can use Gecko OS as a workaround to that though. Search the forums for Gecko OS to learn more about it.
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