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Thread: Question About cIOS, IOS and all.

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    Question About cIOS, IOS and all.

    Hello to you all. i ll leave a syscheck down, and i want to know, if they are updated, or not.. i want to learn but i dont know the version of each and thats why i made this post.

    i tried the search function, pero it didnt come whith something..

    cheers, hi to every one

    Edit: i have uploaded the file to mediashare..

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    put the sys check in order

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    You have no trucha in IOS36. Your IOS70 isn't patched (Priiloader) and you can update to cIOS38 Rev 17. You have hermes 222 and 223 but not 202. (For emulators and Media players)
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    First of all...
    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    I'll start working to update the cIOS38 to rev 17, and to install hermes 202... but i'm a litte afraid about trucha, i dont understand very well what is it, or a least what does it do.. and there other thing about Priiloader...

    But to learn.. hehe. thanks again,..

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    You can follow shadowsonic2's Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii. Step 3 Will restore your trucha bug. Step 5 will install cIOS38 rev 17 and I think step 7 is installing priiloader.
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    Yes!! i did.

    I used the POWERFULL search option and its done. Love u..


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