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Thread: Installing Configurable USB Loader [GUIDE]

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    Installing Configurable USB Loader [GUIDE]

    We would like to thank Krank for all of his hard work on this guide.

    Since he no longer is supporting it we have written a new and improved guide! Click below!

    Configurable USB Loader - Installation and Settings [GUIDE]
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    I'm done with usb loader gx, I'm gonna try this. Thanks!
    Virgin Wii 4.1u LU64, no longer thanks to :
    Full Hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!... yes it actually worked, oddly enough

    cIOS38rev17 usbloadergx r935

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    loaded this and when i am installing game onto external hard drive, freezes right in the middle of installation. Also installs very slow. Any ideas. Updated to 4.1, use neogamma 8 to run games and want to use this to install onto external hard drive

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    Try a different Revision. No problems on my end.
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    Nice , I will add a link in the first post for more themes.

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    Nice post, I was going to do something like this, but, you beat me to it. I just got discouraged because most members use GX. Maybe this will help some members try out the USB Loader with the best compatibility.

    I would have hit the thanks button twice, but it only let me do it once.

    And, last I knew, IOS222 or cIOSx rev19 is used for the FAT version of CFG to recognize the FAT partition.
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    That was my thinking Stomp. I much prefer CFG and it only takes about 5 minutes to try it out.

    I found CFG after using GX for a while and never looked back.

    EDIT: Added Link for cIOS222/223 Install. Thanks Stomp.

    Added Alternate Forwarder Channel and Themes. Thanks Cile.
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    Thanks for sharing =)

    Got on question, with this CFG LOADER, we can play games from the hdd without to format the partion to WBFS??

    Very nice post =)

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    Yes you can, you can play from a FAT32 formatted drive using one of the 222 Revisions found in the Update Section in the first post. All you have to do is replace the boot.dol from the Full Package with one of the 222.dol's. You will also need cIOS222 Installed...There is a link to the Installation thread in the first post.
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