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Thread: Spirit JailBreak for iPhone 4 Coming soon?

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    Spirit JailBreak for iPhone 4 Coming soon?

    As reported on MuscleNerd's Twitter

    Congrats to @comex for another userland JB Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter <-- hi-res Cydia via @planetbeing & @chpwn iPhone4s
    Also on the horizon Geohot's 'pwned4life', a newly discovered baseband exploit that will jailbreak untethered all current iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Many are expecting this to be released as limera1n, but no eta of any kind has been mentioned.

    So iPhone 4, cracked in less than 3 days.

    Also coming soon Apple will be releasing iOS (iPhone OS) 4.0.1 to fix the signal issues of iOS 4.0 and possibly some other issues presently in the iPhone 4. If this update will fully patch the user land exploit used by Spirit remains unknown, but we shall see hopefully very soon.
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    Beat me to it RiC0. Saw this on Twitter this morning. Poor comex is stuck without an iPhone4.

    As for geohot, according to his last tweet:
    Quote Originally Posted by geohot
    In Berlin where there are no Apple stores. USA in world cup! No plans for new jailbreak. Stop asking.

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    There's conjecture that a hack will be released shortly after the "reception" patch comes out, with this version of the jailbreak being too high-level to release without it being easily patched by Apple in the upcoming 4.0.1. I'm experiencing the bar loss but no noticeable signal degeneration in phone calls (3g data transfer does suffer significantly however when I'm "not holding it right").

    Naturally, tons of rumors are popping up that Apple may announce free or discounted bumper cases for i4 owners tomorrow or Tuesday. Whether this remains to be seen though is almost pure speculation as far as I'm concerned, given the discrepancy of the (multiple) sources citing their "discussions" with Apple Care Support reps.

    I'll say this for my opinion on the device; the phone is undeniably well-built, the screen really is second to none, and a jailbreak will make it the most universally wide-reaching and accessible tool I've ever owned and, for me, worth every penny.
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    Im thinking of buying one if I can find it cheap enough solely so I can jailbreak it and show it off to my friends


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