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Thread: Homebrew Channel not there after install

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    Homebrew Channel not there after install

    HI, I followed the guide here for the Twilight hack homebrew install. I seemed to work. I accepted all the warnings and it reboots, but the is no homebrew channel there after. My wii version is 2.2u and have d2sun chip.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Hmmm, not sure why it wouldn't be there. It seems you are on very old Wii firmware (2.2) you should update it to 3.2 using update from a game, which I normally do not recommend, but seeing as the latest revision of 3.3 update from the online update is causing some issues, it is currently better to use a game of the same region as your Wii (NTSC-U in your case) to update to 3.2U. Games such as Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy have the 3.2U update, but I can't stress enough that you use the game which is the SAME REGION AS YOUR WII.

    I'm not saying that the update is the reason you are having an issue with Homebrew, but you may want to update then try using the DVD Install method for Homebrew since you have a modchip.

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    an updated twlight hack is availible if you decide to go ahead and update to 3.3

    i personally tested it and it works

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    I think more people have used the 3.3 twilight hack, and it does work >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiiwouldliketohack View Post
    I think more people have used the 3.3 twilight hack, and it does work >.>
    This IS because of the really old Firmware.

    Update your wii to 3.2, then try.

    Friend had the same problem.


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