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Thread: SOMEONE HELP gc region false change

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    Exclamation SOMEONE HELP gc region false change

    im really confused..

    wii games, it is best to change the region on them using region change correct?
    but that is just so the update from the game dosent break/brick your wii...right

    and all mod chips can play other region games, like i could download or buy a jap or american game and it would work on my pal wii if it has a chip(i jus bought a wiizard of spyman)

    but people still use regionfrii and stuff.

    should i do this for my gamecube iso's or not?

    and what programs are there that ican download too do it,

    i treid wum but its confusing as hell tbh.

    thanks in advance

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    Even though modchip makers will advertize playability of all regions, the fact is some will work and some will not. It is always better to stick to same region discs. Wiu1.1 and Wum are primarily used to remove (patch) the updates contained in Wii Discs to prevent bricking the Wii if a different region disc is played on the wii. Never update Wii using a game from a region that is not the same as the Wii.

    I only know of Wum that can be used to patch region on GC isos.


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