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Thread: Wii doesn't read retail gamecube disks.

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    Wii doesn't read retail gamecube disks.

    Well, my soft-modded Wii worked fine until now. I haven't changed any IOS or anything. I used the "New 3.1-4.1 softmode for ANY Wii" guide and I haven't modified a thing ever since.

    I have tried running retail Wii games from the disc channel, and they work just fine. But when I tried running a retail gamecube game from the disc channel (not neogamma) it just said read error or something.

    What could be wrong? I didn't think homebrew affected retail game disc reading in any way at all.

    Help is appreciated.

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    From memory I believe one of the Priiloader hacks that you enable causes that error to occur but since I've no need for Priiloader and don't use it I can't be sure which one it is and so your best bet would be to disable each hack one at a time until you find which is causing the problem.

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    It is the region free hack.
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    I'll try that, but if I disable that hack, will I be able to play out of region games? Like if I get a backup from PAL (my wii is NTSC) will it play on neogamma? What does the "region free hack" do exactly?



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