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Thread: help installing bootmii onto virgin wii ver 4.2U...ERROR When Installing Bootmii

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    help installing bootmii onto virgin wii ver 4.2U...ERROR When Installing Bootmii

    Hi i am a newbie...and i am doing a first time install for a softmod using the tutorial:

    hack my wii

    i followed the first two instructions, i downloaded the pimp my wii file, dragged it on my sd card, booted my wii up, was able to install homebrew channell and the dvdx.

    On the first screen it says:

    "Using IOS versions: 34, HBC: 61, DVDX: 36

    Homebrew Channel: Can be installed
    DVDx: Can be installed
    BootMii: Can only be installed as an IOS
    (The Installed boot1 version prevents a boot2 install (-2)"

    However when i get to this step:

    "Install bootmii as boot2 and IOS [boot2 may not be available]." i scroll down to bootmii, click A, and i am only given the option to install boot mii as IOS. However when i go to instal, it tells me in red "FAILED (-1)" and when i try to Prepare the SD Card, it gives me the same fail. then i can only go back to the main menu.

    At the exit screen it says

    "Flushing Log File...
    "Unable to mount file system, could not flush log to SD"

    I am working off a Virgin Wii Ver 4.2U (1st time attempting to install softmod)
    Serial number: LU12304061 (7)
    Model #RVL-001(USA)

    Any help would be much appreciated. Is there a step i missed perhaps? When I dragged the files onto my Micro SD card, I did not format it, I just dragged and dropped. Do i need to format it a special way in order for BootMii to install?

    Also are the files in the tutorial above the best files to use for Ver 4.2U?

    Thanks in advance!
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    We don't support other peoples guides here. I suggest you ask over there... or take a look at one of the Well supported tutorials that we have here. None of which tell people to use PimpMyWii (BrickMyWii).

    I am confident you will have better results with our guides.
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