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Thread: So many guides...which is the most up to date for me?

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    Question So many guides...which is the most up to date for me?

    Hey guys I looked into wii modding like 6 months or ago I can't remember what website I read from....

    But I remember a few things that I learned!

    Some details about my wii:
    Currently has been updated to 4.2
    Can't use that awesome anti-brick thing because my wii is to new (can't recall name)
    Never modded in any way so far

    So I went over to the guides and saw a lot of em...some for 4.2, now some for 4.3 (I'm sure everyone will say don't upgrade)

    I also came across this:

    I've got no idea if I can actually even run that...but ya out of all of the guides you guys have scattered around here can some one point me to the most recommended one?

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    The 4.2 guide says ANY and since you have a 4.2 it should work for you just fine.

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    All of our modding guides are kept up to date. The one in my sig and the one by shadowsonic both work great. Just don't update to system menu 4.3.


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